Sign contracts with MitID or touch signatures

ePact makes it easy, fast and secure to send contracts for digital signature.

What people say about ePact

" Epact solves a huge pain for PauseAble in managing the signing process of multi-stakeholder agreements. It makes the process simple, transparent and effortless. The part I love the most is that I can track each stakeholder’s signing status in real-time, because that allows me to take relevant actions to follow up. It saved lots of time and efforts for myself and all stakeholders. It definitely worth the price. I am enthusiastic about Epact, and wholeheartedly recommend to any startup. "

- Peng Cheng, CEO, PauseAble

" We use ePact because it makes the signing process incredibly easy. The advantage of ePact is that it's fast to send out documents for signing and that it is easy to keep an overview of who has signed which documents, and what still needs to be signed. And it's also simple and intuitive to use! "

- Katrine Heine Lund, COO, Bladena

" ePact rocks! "

- Kenneth Tang Lærkes, Manager, UrbanWineBox

Let us do all the work

ePact collects the necessary signatures while you move on to your other tasks.

Why ePact?

  • Send multiple documents to multiple signers in just a minute
  • Upload and store your documents fully encrypted using 256-bit keys with the AES algorithm
  • Sign using MitID, NemID or touch

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