Who we are?

Meet the team that created ePact

Jens-Christian Jensen

CTO / Advokat

Attorney-at-law with 15 years of experience. Co-founder of the fast growing, online legal publisher, eLov. Responsible for the product development.

Søren Holmark

Co-founder / Advokat

Attorney-at-law focused on business law and advisement of startups. Admitted to the bar of the Eastern and Western High Courts of Denmark and holds an executive MBA from SIMI.

Iliyan Tatarov

Lead Developer

Lead Django / Python developer with more than 8 years of experience. Responsible for server-side technologies, API design, cryptography and security, database design, business logic, etc.

Yordan Bogoyski

Full Stack Developer

Web developer, experienced with all stages of the development cycle for dynamic web projects. Responsible for Front-End and Back-End development.

About us

Our mission

ePact's mission is to make digital signing of contracts Secure, Affordable, Fast, and Effortless.
We are a team of developers and lawyers working tirelessly to make our mission possible.

ePact is not a law firm

ePact is not a law firm or a legal adviser. ePact does not provide legal advice in any form. ePact is not subject to rules applying to law firms and is not subject to the oversight of the Danish Bar Association

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